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OT - wood post fence fixing

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
Our property line fence is wooden posts, supposedly treated, with intermediate railings and vertical fence boards. The posts are in concrete collars poured around them. Rebuilding the fence is NOT a currently desirable project.

The portions of the posts that are at and below ground have become composted soil, based on some poking around with a long thin rod, and the fence is leaning.

I'm looking at Simpson Strong Tie's "EZ Mender," which you drive down into the concrete collar and screw to the post. It looks too good to be true, and I'm wondering what experience folks have with these.

I repaired the posts on part of this fence some years back by installing properly treated posts right next to the rotten ones, and lagscrewing the new posts to the old ones; I can't now remember how I dealt with the concrete, but I bet it wasn't fun. I'm considering a flying buttress approach - posts installed 3-1/2" away, with blocks between, and long lag screws.

Future fences are going to be built with steel, I think.

Thoughts appreciated.

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