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A route to selling cast iron plates

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
In volume the cheapest way would be to buy the Blanchard ground plates cast to some idea size in some place like India. No idea the minimum order.

What we did:

Continuously cast cast iron bar stock is readily available and cheap. We bought 2 x 1.5 bar stock cut to 12" lengths. 1.5" is the minimum thickness that can be continuously cast (a the time we bought). We had a local machine shop split the plates to be 0.75 x 2 x 12 and then Blanchard ground the sawed surface. They work great and I use these plates for all my sharpening needs. I always skew blades when sharpening so the 2" width is just right even for 2 3/8" .

We made more plates than I will ever need. If anyone wants one for $50 plus shipping email me.

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A route to selling cast iron plates
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