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diamond paste question

Bruce Mack
Since starting to hollow grind, I've been using my Veritas plates again, perhaps because the two ridges of the hollow give such positive registration on a metal plate. Anyway, I wanted a fresh tube of 6 micron paste as my old tube had dried. I found a 7 micron paste from a seller "goldencoulee" (moderator-this is not an overt plug but feel free to delete seller name) which works really quickly as judged from a black swarf. The edge sharpens right away and I then move to 1 micron paste on a plate followed by chromium oxide on a strop. I assume that pastes have widely varied diamond concentration and I stumbled on one of the higher grade. This does make a big difference in my ease of sharpening. Thought I would mention this and see if others have had a similar experience.

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