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Re: Cut-off wheels

Yeah, those be they. There are two types, one is glass reinforced, and they are better, but either will do. Back when I was learning tube work for bicycle building I had a pal who was into the chopper thing, and we were working on various things to cope tubes. He mentioned he was coping the tubes for his frame with a dremel and those wheels. Sounded preposterous but I tried it, and they zipped through the curves and 1/8" walls with ease. They can break in the cut, but they almost always break when I put the tool down on a cluttered bench, anything that touches them breaks them.

Another place I would never have though of using them is if you know what a bow looks like you will know there is a deep cut-out where the arrow goes on the shelf. On a modern bow that can be something like Brazilian rosewood, and heavy glass or phenolic composites. Tough to cut in any direction without tear-out, and the action glass is a splintery non-crosslinked material that is easily damaged. I was talking to this famous bowyer and what was his favourite tool? Dremel with a the carbide freehand cutter!

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