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Making a card scraper?

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
I have several old kinda rusty card scrapers somebody gave me a long time ago. They are similar to the Sandvik scrapers. I have the need for a rounded scraper or two to clean/smooth the insides of round'ish profiles. I thought maybe I could use these old ones to try and make one or two of the profile I need. Pretty simple round profiles - like the bowl of a spoon.

How would I go about cutting the old scraper? Just a hack saw? Clean up with a file and try not to round it over? Can I clean it up with a slow speed grinder and white wheel or will that over heat the metal?

I do a decent job of putting a bur on regular straight scrapers, so I guess that won't be a problem. Just wonder about ways of cutting and profiling old scrapers.

Thanks for any suggestions and/or tips.

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