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Re: WoodRiver #91 shoulder plane

ray newman
Gents: thanks for the information. I was looking for or am contemplating a smaller shoulder plane as my hands do not work as well as they once did. I now find my ol' Record #073 –AKA “The Beast” – a bit cumbersome to utilize at times. Looking for something smaller and lighter which might be easier to use. Was wondering about the Wood River plane, as I have heard the quality is hit or miss with Wood River, but the latter ones supposedly are better.

“Somewhere” I have a UK-made Stanley #93 and a Clifton # 410. Just have not been able to locate them after the move several years ago. The Squeeze claims there is small box in garage loft marked ”shop” and now wonder if that is where they are? Should get it down and see if I can find what was lost.

Thanks again. Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

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