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Re: WoodRiver #91 shoulder plane

Resale may be an issue depending on where you are at in your career. Hard to know what something is going to be worth, but chinese made planes are not likely at the top of the pile. When buying knives, there are knives made in china today that are complex, well executed, excellent quality. Price comparison could be 10% of the price. At that price one can contemplate different uses, it has a tactical effect. I place some mooring most summers, freediving. Very scary business even in relatively shallow water. I got razor sharp dive knives from CRKT for about 13 bucks, less than I paid for a dive knife around 1972. You can buy a half dozen and have then to hand everywhere.

But if I have to pay 66%, get a lessor tool, less pride of ownership, straight loss on resale. That starts to sound like a bad deal.

The reason chinese source stuff is unbeatable is because whenever I have been able to get behind the retail pricing, I find margins of 5%, give or take.

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