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Re: WoodRiver #91 shoulder plane

William Duffield
It depends on what you are planning to use it for, what you are comparing it to, and how much money you have to spend.

If you are comparing it to other 1/2" shoulder planes in comes in a close third behind the Veritas and the Lie-Nielsen. The best of the lot is the Veritas with the PM-V11 blade, but it is half again as much, but probably not half again better.

If you are comparing it to any other brand of new shoulder plane or an old shoulder plane, none of the others comes close.

If you are comparing it to a Veritas or Lie-Nielsen shoulder plane in another size, I have found that the large shoulder planes don't have any disadvantages over the 1/2" shoulder planes. Not everyone agrees with me. Many find the larger planes difficult to control in narrow rabbets and small tenons. I find the Veritas bull nose shoulder plane much more versatile, but less precise. Going further afield, it is more difficult to compare it to a rabbet plane, rabbet block plane or even router plane, which have overlapping functionality to a greater or lesser extent.

I don't own one but I have tried it, and I have and use several other shoulder planes, rabbet planes and router planes.

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