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Windsor chair production *PIC*

Jack Guzman from Maine
I was asked to post a few chair pictures. This is the latest batch from my shop. I dislike finishing so instead of spending days finishing after building a chair,I pile them up so I can finish a bunch all at once. This first one is a continuous arm rocker that I painted with a recipe that Peter Galbert made to match a piece of old mahogany furniture in his house. It's interesting to do. The first coat is mustard yellow followed by a mixture of barn red and yellow. The final coat,a thin wash coat is a mix of red yellow blue and black.

This next is a set of fan backs to go with a fourth,previously made, to go around my dining room table. They are the same color as the rocker.

The next chair is a loop back that is the last of a set of four that I built for a local b&b. The color is black over red.

The last picture is of a high chair. Curtis Buchanan put out a set of plans for it recently and this is my first attempt at it. It has some flaws but I think the next one should come out alot better. This one is also black over red.

thanks for looking---Jack

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