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Stephen Shepherd -- Good News *LINK*

Ellis Walentine
Yesterday I received a message from Stephen Shepherd's nephew, Kelly Bingham, who is handling Stephen's affairs. It seems our indefatigable HT maven has changed his mind about checking out...

Stephen went through a rough stage and wanted to die here recently but he has snapped out of it and is taking his meds again and eating. He is looking and doing much better again and asked that I reach out to you and everyone at WoodCentral to let everyone know I have purchased boxes of books to sell just in time for Christmas. He is always excited when I share with him how many books I have sold each time I visit him. It is the one thing that brightens up his day to know his work is getting purchased and passed along to so many people. I have posted a couple pics on Facebook on his page so people will see them.

So, here's your chance to help Stephen by visiting his site and availing yourself of his books and other wares. Let's wish him continued improvement and brighten his holidays.


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Stephen Shepherd -- Good News *LINK*
Great! Does ordering books through his store work?
It does
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