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Drilling a saw plate question

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I may have to enlarge the hole in the plate of an old saw in order to accommodate the size saw nut I can buy. Directions various places call for drilling the hardened steel with a carbide drill, which I don't own. Question:

Would it work to simply heat (more or less?) the spot with a micro-sized torch, then cool this spot by some means? The idea is to anneal the metal so that it could be drilled with any metal drill bit. If this idea has merit how much to heat and how to cool to result in a softened spot?

Saw kits are only $50-60. finished saws are 4-5 times this price. How much time does it take to convert a kit to a serviceable saw, not presentation grade? It looks straightforward to someone that has never done it. I tend to be optimistic to a fault. :)

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