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Nassau carvers bench *PIC*

Jack Guzman from Maine
I was recently in Nassau in the Bahamas and I came upon some wood carvers around a place called the Straw Market. This place is a big tourist attraction. The vendors live mostly off of trade from cruise ships in the nearby port. I stopped and spoke with two of these carvers,in separate places. One on the sidewalk leading to the market and one in the market. The first one was working off of a bench that looked like a sawhorse with a wide top and a rectangular wood block at one end as a work surface. I figured it as a handmade portable bench. When I met the second carver I noticed that he had an identical bench. Near him in an alley I noticed a third bench of the same style. I should have asked about it when I had the chance but it didn't occur to me until later.

This is the second carver fabricating a fish out of a local hardwood.He told me he carved green wood. He also told me the species but I forgot.

The next is another bench with some unfinished carved footballs on it.

This last picture shows some carved objects and through the doorway you can see a few pieces of wood for carving stock.

One last thing, I noticed that both carvers had well worn Flexcut carving chisels. Not chipknives but full-sized carving chisels of various profiles.I wasn't aware that Flexcut made regular carving chisels.---Jack

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