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Larry Barrett
The oak was about 50 years old and 10 yards into the forest from the edge of the field when we bought the property. We had to clear a few trees for the house, which opened the tree to the sun. In the next 30 years it nearly doubled in size. The upper branches grew toward the light and further and further over the house.

If the tree came down in a storm it would take the house with it, so we reluctantly decided it must come down. It took a month to clear the debris and split and stack firewood from the branches. About 3 weeks ago I was able to open up one of the 4' sections from the main trunk. It was over 24" in diameter and took awhile.

After more splitting and riving, chair parts were roughed out with hewing hatchet and drawknife. Back posts were steamed and bent on a form.

A new chair emerged a couple of weeks later. I have made this chair several times before, but not for a few years. Felt good to get back to it.

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