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Bruce McCrory
No critique intended, Bill. Some don't find leather stropping useful; me for one. If it works, great. The turner in my earlier comment uses HSS (I think most do, now) and only a fine diamond card for the hone, after a CBN wheel. As I noted, it's a different tiger.

Way back, I looked into a different sharpening regime and read where green sticks had to be dark green, not just green, to be useful. Then, I needed a flattening plate, and then ceramic, then water, not oil, blahdy-blah. One trip through four stones and a strop on japanese steel was the end of stinky wet stones.

My method with diamond paste works. For me. A dab of paste, a drop of water, a few swipes, then a *dedicated* paper napkin and the next plate is put onto the pad--with it's own dedicated napkin. There are only three abrasives (at most) to hassle with. If I didn't have an axe, the rarely used grinding wheel would probably go.

Sharpening used to be fun with a pocket knife. Now, I would rather watch paint dry.

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