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david weaver
I haven't sharpened a sewing machine needle, but most of the knives out there sharpen pretty well on the washita.

I sharpen everything I can get my fingers on, including cheap utility knife blades. You'd be surprised how long one will go in a utility knife before the geometry becomes a problem. I got a small box of cheap blades from HF a few years ago to cut up recyclables, and my two knives both have their first blades in them.

Japanese marking knives like a washita, too. So do the iyoroi level of japanese chisels. Anything run up to 65 hardness is a bit too hard, but I have a set of kamaji backed (mokume design, i guess) chisels that iyoroi makes, and they are white II. They're harder than western chisels, but not as hard as they claim to be and they work a treat on everything.

The side benefit is that it's an even fight between washita and chisel so the edge is better than it would be on a softer steel - similar to good quality suita. The kamaji cleans off the surface of the washita, too.

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