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david weaver
Fast is old steel and a washita stone. I just can't think of anything faster, total time included and all.

Anything that doesn't love natural stones, a 1k diamond hone and pretty much anything following is almost as fast.

i've found that okudo suita cuts almost anything if the bevel is small, including the high speed steel that comes in mujingfang planes. Okudo can be had in koppa for small pieces for about the price of a synthetic hone, but it's nicer to use and gentler on the steel (which has a side benefit, maybe a topic for another day).

I've timed myself grinding, which is also part of keeping sharpening time down, and when I grind every 4th or 5th time I fully hone something, it takes about 30-45 seconds total. On a stanley plane iron, I grind as soon as the bevel is about 1/3rd the thickness of the iron, and the harder the steel the more often I do it.

If I am sharpening an older paring chisel, I will use the washita and chase the burr with jasper (which costs almost nothing). I have never gotten a better edge off of anything, and it is kind to the geometry because it doesn't really do anything other than refine the very tip.

(I don't use many things that require the diamond hone now).

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