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Scary sharp sandpaper system. I started using it when I was doing demos and I didn't want to schlep my waterstones everywhere. Normally I might not need to sharpen, though it depends what style of tools I show up with, but I took two pieces of sandpaper and glued them to either sides of some very flat and stiff plywood. What stunned me was how long the paper held up, I figured I would be lucky if they lasted the demo, but was still using one of these jigs for touchups a few years later. I started using the system a lot because it is too cold for water in the shop during the winter, and it was less hassle than the oil stones.

I have since moved to diamond for this kind of thing, not sure it is better because my particular surfaces are softer. I find it is dynamite on leather, but not so nice to use on iron, and I have some very nice iron scraps left over from a restoration expert.

In summer I throw 4 stones in a bucket. I have two of my starter stones, and I rub them together to keep them flat, I think they are King 800s, then I have a mid and fine. I rub the mid against the starter, and the fine on the mid. Very simple and traditional system and it works great. Since I have hundreds of Japanese tools waterstones are a good fit.

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