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Bench question *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

The club needs a portable bench to be used at meetings for demonstrations of all kinds- hand tools, power tools, who knows what. We are making one in my shop, inspired by a bench in the MESDA museum in Old Salem, NC. The largely novice woodworkers are doing a great job on the task executing the joinery by largely 1790 methods.

The bench is in 5 parts- a removable top, two leg assemblies held together with a bridal joint, a mortise and tenon and a dovetail, and two stretchers that span the legs and are held in place by tusk tenons (in the pictures held in place by two clamped boards). In the picture one can see the mortises for the stretchers.

The question is where to put the vise? On one the end as I have it in the picture? Spread the legs farther apart and put it inside the legs to one side? Or, spread the legs farther apart and put the vise in the middle?

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