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Let's not forget Kees

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
A few lines below this entertaining discussion I describe how I smoothed a door panel I had spent many hours decorating with Line and Berry. The inlay was one of the largest investments in time I have ever devoted to a furniture element. To recall, I fearlessly planed it with no concern I would mess it up.

It was not long ago that my meager collection of panes sat unused because of fear of unanticipated tear-out. After the fact I have found numerous vintage references to setting the cap iron and no doubt there were modern woodworkers using this set up. But who was teaching the set up procedure to those in the wilderness that hadn't discovered it? In my case it was the Kee's video that encouraged me to try it and showed me how to do it. Planes have become a useful part of my wood working ever since.

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