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Re: Romanillos on planes and breakers

Sgian Dubh
"Richard, I am curious to know which make chipbreaker you use for this, or perhaps you do so with all chipbreakers? I suspect it is one of your infill planes, which are nice and stiff."
I adjust the cap iron on all my planes according to the work in hand, Bailey pattern, infills, and Bedrock. The cap iron itself is whatever came with the plane. Basically, the cap iron for a No 5 and upwards tends to be set back about a millimitre or maybe a bit more, and for the smoothing planes, set close to the cutting edge for final prepping, although perhaps further back for something less critical. I tend to use at least two planes when I'm smoothing - an old Spiers that's set up a bit coarse (cap iron maybe 0.5 - 1 mm set back from the cutting) and a Clifton with the cap iron set closer. Final prepping is done with the Clifton, or sometimes a block plane, and if those fail, there's always scrapers and abrasive paper. Slainte.

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