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Warren in Lancaster, PA
Derek, I think you are revising history to obscure the fact that you came out on the losing end of the argument. There was a "serious" discussion of the double iron in 2007, a thread with over 60 posts. I wrote:
Adam, the double iron is a sophisticated instrument. For things to work well everything has to be just so. There is no shame in having trouble with it. If the idea of learning to use hot hide glue turns you off, the double iron is not for you. It takes a fair amount of practice to get a good feel for it. I can say that the benefits of learning are well worth the effort and I would not want to be without it.

Stephen Shepherd wrote:
I have one bench plane a small coffin smoother that is a single iron all the others are doubles. I sharpen them both make sure the cap is real close to the end of the blade. Why do I use cap irons, because all of my old planes have them, it is simple as that.

Steve Elliott mentioned the Japanese cap iron research; Derek Cohen wrote about 60 degree planes.

Here is a discussion from 2011 which resulted in David Weaver learning to use the double iron before the video was available.

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