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Re: Romanillos on planes and breakers

""I wasn't really aware there was much mystery to these blade/ cap iron adjustments a user might make to a plane, until messages about the subject started appearing in woodworking forums just a few years ago.""

"Hi Richard

We won't go there, suffice to note that for many/most of us the use of the chipbreaker to control tearout really only took off around 2012. Yes Warren, it was discussed here before that time, but serious discussion, and subsequent enlightenment, where most sat up and took notice, began with examination of the effects demonstrated by the Kato video (whether it was meant for that purpose or not)."

It's a significant signpost in the history of the teachable moment, there needs to be a critical mass to get past the blind leading the blind effect. Apparently. But we are talking about how a few hundred amateurs in the best sense of the word, got the message, nothing more.

"However, once past the beginner stage, there is less a need for obsessional reliance on setting things "just so". There are so many variables that it is not possible."

That is one model, the other is fire to effect. The Japanese plane has an independently adjustable breaker, hands up if we all get that. You just keep tapping it forward until it does what you want. This eliminates the need to have a theory or a lot of data. You can come up with a lot of yack yack on how to outrun a dog on a bike, or you can just pedal faster and faster until you hope it is left behind. The data has some purpose, I got a surprise the first time I tried to outrun a dog on my much heavier loaded touring bike...

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