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Re: Romanillos on planes and breakers

"Thanks Tom. Interesting that Jose wrote about using the close set chipbreaker in 2013. I wonder if (although I assume he was) using this setting before 2012, when discussion started up here and on other forums."

There are probably millions of people who knew that info prior to 2012, so it would seem unlikely that Jose learned it at random from here. That said, while he is a very traditional builder, he does incorporate some rather new ideas so the source of his ideas is not limited to the 19th century examples he clearly admires.

"By coincidence, Paul Sellers (whom I read with very mixed feelings) posted today on his blog how he sets up his #4 smoothers. The chipbreaker is best set 2-3mm from the edge. I can only assume that he is working very different woods to Jose."

Jose's method is a lot like traditional woodworking of the past the raw material was often cut to near usable size, but the worker had to do all the rest by hand. This puts a premium on getting the waste off fast, but every shaving can be your last if it tears out badly enough. It isn't the land of the one finish pass. Most people use abrasives to plane guitar backs and sides.

Sounds like Sellers is mostly using a single blade approach which has it's pros and cons. The main thing there is what determines setting the edge in that 2mm range. I can dream stuff up, but it would be interesting to know what he is thinking.

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