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I haven't had any problem with sprung joints, myself, other than as noted circumstances where the forces would be crazy. And I think my approach there is pretty much industry standard. One other example is Sam Maloof, whose chair seats would have taken a lot of force to press together had they had any spring in them, but I don't not believe they did as he says in one video that he joined them right off the table saw

What I would like to have explained is how the "rest of the joints" survive. The whole piece is made up of fibers joined together that on average are somewhat less strongly joint in most respects than the glue joint itself (complex subject). None of these blow apart because they lost moisture at the ends in a properly dealt with piece of wood, or if they do, not a whole lot to be gained by springing the one joint out of thousands in the piece that might hold together if the theory is correct. What is so special about the glued bit, it is the strong part.

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