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Re: One step back (with the Lingerie Chest)

Sgian Dubh
Clint, if your technique consistently yields success, it can't be argued with. Still, I prefer the sprung joint to ensure the two ends are automatically already in intimate contact at glue-up time. I have consistently found over the years edges that are slightly convex at glue-up time, or ends requiring sucking up tight for whatever reason to close gaps, tend to fail, opening at the ends first, and sometimes leading to total joint failure, particularly in the case of the basic unreinforced edge joint. My analogy, for recommending the sprung joint has always been to compare the end result to the tab on a zipper. If the zipper tab is locked down, the zipper stays shut, but if it's unlocked the zipper gradually opens from the 'unlocked' end. Perhaps not a perfect analogy, but it's always sufficed to get the concept across. Slainte.

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