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Re: One step back (with the Lingerie Chest)

"I think once you have the joint nice and flat it is just extra work to hollow it out."

You are probably right about that, but the spring is the step before the flatening so the reverse is how I prefer to think about it. Planes as sold do not make things straight, they make them hollow. I can hollow an edge blindfolded within thou, but making it straight requires a bit more skill, and a plane is not the best tool.

I do wonder whether the whole idea of the sprung joint arose from a misinterpretation of the fact that hollowing is what planes do, and that hollowing is a shortcut. Then someone invented a rationale for it that never really makes much sense. But like a lot of these things it is now impossible to dispense with. I have never seen a study that would indicate that sprung joints work/don't work relative to weather, though they clearly can reduce clamps required for some glue-ups.

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