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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Thanks Roger.

When the panel split my first thought was that the glue was bad. However the M&T joints were really tight and strong. I was a little concerned that they would not come apart. More boiling water and heat ...

The point is that the failure in the panel could not be the glue. Plus the other panel was strong. A close look at the edges of the two sections revealed that they were almost dry - glue starved.

I think that there is always a danger of over-clamping edges regardless of whether they are spring-jointed or flat. However, here I think I ended up over tightening the clamps because they needed a touch more to close up.

The other issue is that there is not much room for error with a 1/4" thick panel - less glue area.

The Titebond Liquid Glue is convenient - it is used cold. It also has a long open time. There is a place for yellow glue, especially when you need something to dry faster and is not needed to come apart. I used Titebond Type II on the reinforcing strips.

Regards from Perth


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