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Chat This Evening 9:30 EDT - Topic: Corn?

William Duffield
I'll discuss some of what I saw and did and bought in Iowa at two of the world's greatest hand tool events on the Hand Tool Chat starting at 9:30 this evening. There's a lot more to Iowa than just corn. One subject we'll touch on is sure to be Windsor chairs.

You do know how to sign on, don't you? It's easy. Start by clicking on CHAT ROOM at the bottom of the brown box in the upper left corner of this window.

If you're worried about typos, spelling and grammatical errors, don't worry about it––English has lots and lots of redundancy and error correction built into it––We'll figure it out.

If you were there, and I missed you, I'm sorry. Joel Moskowitz was wearing the only WoodCentral cap I saw.

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