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Stanley compass planes: No. 113 vs. No. 20

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
I own a No. 20 Stanley compass plane. I haven't used it yet (not much call for it in the carpentry work that's dominated my "shop time" since retirement), but I've got some designs in my notebook that call for it, when we "finish" on the house, and I can get seriously into the shop.

A friend is moving and selling stuff off, and he's got a Stanley 113 missing its tote but otherwise OK (well, rust). I don't know what he'll be asking, but I wouldn't pay more than $25, were I to get it.

But is there any virtue of the 113 over the 20? I read one article in one of the magazines in which the author praised the 113 and faintly, but without specifics, damned the 20. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's used both as to whether I should think about buying this project plane, if it becomes available to me.

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Stanley compass planes: No. 113 vs. No. 20
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