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flattening Spyderco bench stones

Bruce Mack
As noted by David Weaver and others, the stones are often not flat end to end. I have the medium and fine which I use for free-hand sharpening of chisels. I like the side to side method and can see the very edge become shiny as I lift the chisel handle. The edge becomes working sharp with just a few swipes on CrO2 on hardboard. The ceramic repels edge dig-in like a Romulan torpedo shield.

I use the Shapton professional stones for my plane irons, usual sequence 1000-5000-15000 (ouch). It would be fun to try the 2 Spydercos on plane irons as well. I have been able to flatten the medium, but the fine stone has resisted a coarse DMT diamond stone as well as 30u loose diamonds on a Veritas honing plate. I have about 4-5 inches flat on a 2x8 stone. Next attempt with 100-150u diamonds if I can find them. Any other methods you might suggest? I don't want to spend the bucks on a super coarse diamond stone I might not use again.

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