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Do I need a smoothing plane?

Don Emmerling
I am liking the use of hand tools more and more. I like to make small boxes with differing joints and wood. Of late I have been finishing the wood surface using an old Stanley plane *Baily No. 4) because I like the feel of the finished surface, although some sanding still is used. The Stanley plane is in good condition and I keep the blade sharp. I obtained the plane after my fathers passing and he bought it some time in the 50's. I keep seeing on Youtube that people using hand tools always seem to say that they always use a smoothing plane for surfaces. I have googled searching for any differences between my Stanley and smoothing planes. What are called smoothing planes come in a variety of sizes, some of which are the same as my Stanley. They never say if the blade angle is different than the Stanley so I have no way of knowing. So, before I spend money on a plane that I might not need, let me ask if my Stanley would work just as well as a smoothing plane.
Thanks in advance,

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