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Is Hand tool only woodworking feasible?

Is anyone out there woodworking strictly by hand?

First off a disclaimer; I'm not a true Neanderthal. I've been a professional woodworker for 15 years, but I've relocated recently. I'm currently renting a house, and have a very small garage work shop area. Too small for any stationary power tools to speak of. Our shop at work is geared for melamine, laminate and plastics...not solid wood.

What i do have is a solid 7' antique bench, with a front vise and end vise, and my assortment of hand tools...(joinery saws, chisels, planes, etc.) Can I add a few tools and make a go of it? I'm not planning on making kitchen cabinets or anything crazy, but I'd like to make some smaller pieces of furniture.

I was thinking of adding a good rip saw (5 1/2 point?), and something like lee valleys small plow plane for grooves. Comments from the forum are welcome!

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