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Camera test *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

In a prior post I complained about my camera. Ellis suggested it was more likely the operator, and in a sense he may be right that given enough diddling the old camera might take better pictures. I'm not into diddling and I was certain that I needed to diddle less with my very old camera. Feeling less frugal than normal ( I did spring for a half price reconditioned model) I bought a Cannon G15. Oh my the difference. I am so happy and it has manual knobs and dials to set stuff and not arcane software. In default mode the color is more accurate, the picture is sharper and the contrast and exposure more accurate. I feel motivated to quick make some progress on the Spice Boxes so I can report the progress with some much better pictures.

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Camera test *PIC*
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