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Sharpening a divider

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
We had an interesting club program last night. A local period furniture maker/restorer gave a program on sharpening. It seemed that he brought every tool in his shop to describe how it was sharpened. It was the first time I ever saw a circular saw set. but to continue... He described sharpening a divider, a topic I have never seen discussed. This handy tool is something I discovered late in my woodworking. I think it is under discussed, and under used by many. The presenter, Buddy Floyd, sharpens the fixed point conical and the other point that will be swung to scribe arcs was sharpened in a square pyramid (square base with sides sloping to a point).

His sharpening for edged tools was a bit novel. Most tools (carving excluded) were hollow ground on what looked to be a 7" wheel, then an India stone, "black" ARK stone and final strop on bare leather. He held the blade stationary on vertically on edge and rubbed with a circular motion the bevel with small varieties of the stones mentioned. Once again the point was illustrated that there are many means to an end.

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