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Stephen Shepherd update

Bob Entwisle in NJ
Hi All,
This was posted on FaceBook on 4/12/15

“Kelly Shane Bingham - ‎Stephen Arden Shepherd
22 hrs · Syracuse, UT ·
Uncle Stephen had his first sugar cookie from Swig Friday! He devoured it so fast we decided I better take him at least one a week. He is doing good. He has been moved to room 2162A for those who do not already know. He continues with speech therapy only and now has a roommate Charles. I asked him if he liked him and he said um yes and um NO! We reviewed the weekly chat from Bob Entwisle and Stephen was very interested in the discussion on drilling and countersinking and was pointing out the answers before I could read them.”
Stephens Address is:
Stephen is in room 2162A at St Joseph's Villas in Salt Lake at 451 E Bishop Federal Lane. The zip code is 84115.

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