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Natural stones(japanese)

Allen Fulmer
Hey guys, I'm hoping to get some insight on some japanese natural stones. I currently have an ohira Tomae, however I don't feel I'm getting the best edge from it. But I don't know for sure, as I've never used another stone to compare to. The tool vendor I usually use has an ohira suita, Okudo suita and a Nakayama asagi(two stones I was kind of debating between. One of the things I need to consider is what I'm sharpening. I have a set of ichihiro, as well as a set of kiyotada and kiyohisa. David (Weaver) (if you see this) we talked a few weeks back and you mentioned your okudo suita just barely cuts your kiyotada chisels, so I was hoping to get some insight on that as I'll need to cut both sets of Tokyo chisels. You gave me Takeshi's information and after talking with him, he said he didn't have anything that matched what I asked for(cuts super hard steel, no nagura). Anyway, the vendor says the ohira suita will be better than okudo suita because its softer allowing me to cut the super hard steel better. All the stones are a reasonable price. As I know many of you are much more knowledgable than I, I was hoping for some more insight.

I was also interested in a medium stone, he's offering me a Tsushima, saying its a very good medium stone, at ehat seems like a very reasonable price. He says the grit is about 2000. I would like to use this as a starting stone, then finish with one of the above stones.

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