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New Tools for Measuring and Layout

William Duffield
I'm not quite sure what to say about these recent developments. They're both intended to do the same, or at least similar, jobs. Their approaches to design are, however, quite different.



Woodpeckers' inside/outside measuring heads are a rather interesting feature, as is Veritas' reversible head, but I'm not sure how often I would find an application that would make either one of them essential.

I'm not planning on buying either one of them, although the concept is intriguing, so I'm afraid I won't be able to provide a useful review. I think I'll stick with a traditional story stick. When necessary, I'll augment it with a small machinist's double square, or of course a pair or few pairs of dividers.

One warning I think is worth mentioning is the real danger with the regular heads of the Woodpeckers' tool of making your marks an inch shy or an inch over, not a problem you would ever have with the Veritas tool. There are several other functional (and aesthetic) differences, but I will leave them as exercises for the interested student.

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