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"Shaking up shaker" *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Under the headline in this title there followed a piece in the March 7 Wall Street Journal page D11 about contemporary designers producing furniture inspired by Shaker designs. Some of these designs are to be found at thefutureperfect.com, Egg Collective, O&G Studio and surprisingly the Shanghai China studio, Ner&Hu.

I have always thought I lacked any talent in design. Maybe that is because I thought that a successful new design ought to improve upon the function or appearance of something that was already available. I have seen little ability to make such improvements. Perhaps this is a bar set too high. Some of these "inspired" pieces only had to rise to the level of being different from what inspired them. Guests would not dither with their dinner sitting on that chair. Shakers dined in comfort by comparison.

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