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Sayings You've Often Heard..

david weaver
... that you think are just getting repeated because they're catchy. Or that irk because of it. I'm not picking on anyone or anything in particular, but add your own in another post.

These would be things that you see that you wrinkle your eyes at and think "that was repeated from somewhere else without trying too much"

* a plane is just a jig for a chisel (yeah, OK, and a car is just a bicycle with four wheels)
* oilstones are too slow to sharpen or oilstones don't make a fine edge, the norton chart says they are only equivalent to ___
* older tools are inferior and poorly designed, they'd have used our tools if they had them available
* you can't use dovetails or mortise and tenon on everything or you'll never get anything done
* it takes too long to rip by hand, it's not practical
* we can improve on whatever is out there just by taking an engineering approach (usually said by someone who doesn't understand why certain tools are the way they are)
* you can't get an edge like mine without a jig (implication that freehanded tools have angles all over the place and there is a minefield of unworkable tools as a result)

Add your irks, even if you're not an old complaining pa german like me.

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