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Re: you know a project is taking too long

david weaver
I only have ten cabinets, most people probably have more like 15 or 20. The cabinets will probably be $2500, and if I'd have been more stingy on material (i'm using 2 A face cherry ply for the cases all the way around and wasting some 6/4 cherry), I could've probably gone cheaper, but it has been nice to work with good stuff. The ply is only 1/2 inch ply, and it's only 3 laminations - almost entirely wood and the glue in it is invisible and not perceptible. It can be cut easily with any handsaw and planed like anything else. I just double it over in the areas where it'll be screwed into the wall.

$5k is actually my budget for the floor, the cabinets, the countertop and tile for the wall.

Because of my neighborhood (houses from $125-$250K, with mine in the middle of that), I'm not springing for expensive counter tops or any of that stuff. They certainly look better, but it's money that one would never get back.

I worked in a kitchen cabinet factory in the mid 1990s. What we sold as high end cabinets back then would be box store cabinets now for the most part. People had more money sense 20-50 years ago. If you'd have asked my parents if they'd take a loan to do a kitchen, they'd have asked you if there wasn't a kitchen in the house before you took a loan.

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