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Re: you know a project is taking too long

Brian Holcombe
The only thing I truly begrudge about kitchens is the fact that people spend insane money on what appears to be very cheaply made stuff along with some decent appliances.

$5000 on cabinets when you are making them yourself is a good number, that is what I would expect to spend myself. We're fortunate enough that we are our own labor component, otherwise one would be paying $100/hour for that same labor, so we can fiddle around and turn out what would have cost $20,000 to build simply for pouring time into it (something I'm quite fine with).

I'm working on part of my bar at the moment, I think I have $150~ into it and probably 20 hours, so if I had the efficiency of a cabinet shop and finished the job in 10 hours then someone else buying the job would have spent $1150~ plus some markup on materials.

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