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Off topic - traveling the world on the interweb

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
I went to look at one of the weather sites today, one we use regularly. For some unknown reason, it had lost the selection of Sebastopol, and I had to re-enter the search values, which I did (as I've done before) as "Sebastopol, Ca." The weather site's software read that as "Sebastopol, Canada," and offered me the weather for that area (not, it appears, a town, but an area southwest of Waterloo). My first hint that something was wrong was the predictions of snow in coming days.

Re-entering the information with "California" spelled out, I confirmed that, indeed, we're likely to get some rain over the weekend, which affects the schedule of exterior painting I'm in the midst of.

But, dang! If only it were that easy actually to travel that way; were I in Sebastopol, Ontario, I'd be just 45 minutes from one of the Lee Valley stores.

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