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Re: you know a project is taking too long

Dan Rode
I'm from Ohio, not central PA, but I'm frugal as well.

I remodeled my kitchen 10 or 12 years ago, shortly after we bought the place. It was poorly designed with dark oak cabinets and butcher-block Formica tops from the late 70s. I tore it out back to the studs, moved walls, windows and plumbing. We wanted to remove the ugly and get a better lay-out but had little money to work with.

I used common builder type cases and mass produced but nice, maple fronts. I combined arched raised panel and divided glass fronts. I spent $3600 in cabinets and another $1000 for the counter tops. The entire job, including flooring, cost me a little over $5k for a 120 sq foot kitchen. Every cabinet was a common size, mass-produced. Cheap cases with nice fronts.

It still looks like custom work.

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