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Beech by the bunch *PIC* ()

till someone does it. Which further applies to turning these babies into more planes...

The long one is 26+ 4x4. The others are wedges for various molding lanes, though they are big enough for smoothing planes. I have enouch splits for several sets of H&Rs, and quite a lot of boards cut for bench planes, as well as some stuff for benches.

You will note there is no mold no check, nothing. Very easy wood to handle as long as you get it through the first few days.

Coincidentally a guy who wants me to cut up some 24" maple and cherry, tells me we have some kind of blight in Ontario and the beeches will all be gone soon enough, so it would make a lot of sense to get them down and into a form you can use because it may not be so easy later.

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