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Beech by the bunch *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Beech like the tree shown are common. Beech is considered a worthless tree and they are unfortunately left when a woods is logged to occupy space where somethig useful might otherwise grow. Any land owner with sense would be delighted to be rid of them. A good deal would be to saw out the plane body material and cut the rest up for firewood for the land owner.

This tree will yield about 800 hundred bdft of lumber but an unknown amount of lumber useful for planes- maybe 100-200 bdft. Is is a straightforward task to cut the tree down, saw it into blocks and in turn saw the blocks into billets that will be quartered. All this is common practice among the turners. For the price of a chain saw and way less time than it takes to make a plane body anyone living in the east has no reason to be without wood for their plane making needs.

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