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Re: you know a project is taking too long

david weaver
A place where I used to work before was filled with people like that. It was a contest to see who could spend the most money, but we all work on retirement plans, so you figure that most of us aren't going to retire doing the same thing!!

I opt for cheap, it's just the PA german roots - I can't spend money and see it go to nothing, (at least not all at once - I'm sure I've lost money on playing with sharpening stones, but nothing like a custom kitchen), and that's what I think of when I consider (my kitchen is small) $30K of kitchen that adds $15k to the house value in my neighborhood - and adds no functionality.

Anyway, there was all kinds of foolishness where I worked before - people in their 50s taking loans from their 401ks to put in $65k kitchens in their houses and all kinds of stuff. Coming from central PA where Warren is from, and was baffled when I came to the other end of the state and see people who make 6 figures and who have for a long time, and who wait for their tax refund to pay their credit card bills every year.

IIRC, too, my woodworking buddy decided not to make his cabinets but he redid his kitchen on his own - changed the layout, etc, and got cherry cabinets (cherry ply cases, like mine, but the fronts were just slabs of glue ups and the drawer sides are all finger jointed trash white wood - something you'd see on a budget paint grade door), and the cost to him (albeit with twice as many cabinets) was a little over $15K. Most people on this board would look at the cabinets he got and say "wow, they couldn't have cheapened the process any more than that and called them cherry". All of the "panels" were tiny little boards glued together I would assume by a machine. They look like glued together flooring strapped on to face frames.

I suppose all of that is why kitchen cabinets are one of the last places you can do custom work (in a good area) and make a decent rate.

It's all strange to me coming from the land of "it's not broken, so I'm not going to replace it just because it looks old". People are literally putting themselves into a position where they won't be able to retire when they want to. It'd be interesting if you could put a ticker up "every time you impress someone with your new kitchen before it's not new, it will cost you $456" or something like that.

Same thing with cars (I've suggested this to my wife), the option that costs $2000 that you use 100 times in the life of the car costs $20 each time you use it. If you were given the discretion each time to spend the $20, nobody would. They're too busy trying to find $3 off some article of clothing.

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