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Here`s a suggestion

Bob Hackett
Go down to the local flea market or second hand shop and buy a couple of tapered punches.( I can get all I`ll ever need for $1 each without going to yard sales)
Grind them to conform with the pics that have been provided then polish the ground surfaces.
Don`t have access to a grinder? Throw them in a fire and then let them cool slowly while covered in the ashes and file then sand the now soft steel.
Learning by doing has always been more successful in turning on the light over my head than any other process I know.
I guarantee you will not regret spending less than $5 to actually learn how these type of tools work. If you don`t find them useful for alignment and draw bore purposes then grind the tips back to flat and use them as punches. You`ll still get your money out of `em.

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