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Re: Indeed that seemed to be the case

Jeff Heath
The only time I have used a drawbore pin vs. a clamp was when pinning a M&T joint on a table frame assembly where the length of the table exceeded the length of clamps I had laying around, without having to run to the hardware store to buy 3/4" pipe unions to lengthen pipe clamps (which I personally don't like to use anyway).

I had two vertically situated pins, and used my drawboring tool, which is actually a Starrett pin punch serving double duty, to pull the joint tight on the bottom while I marked the top hole. I reversed it to mark the bottom hole.....drill holes offset, glue and pound in peg.

If that's not historically correct, then my explanation is worthless. It worked flawlessly for me, though, without a clamp that was 10 feet long.

That's all I've got...

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