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Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
Have used draw pins a number of times.

1. Drill the mortice (1/4" hole) thru the face and half-way through the other side.
2. Insert and clamp the tenon.
3. Use a brad-point drill to mark the center of the pin hole on the tenon
4. Remove the tenon and drill the hole (1/4") off-set to the outside by a shade
5. At assembly, glue and reclamp the joint, then drive in the tapered draw-pin.
6. Trim and sand the pin flush.

There's only one pin in use, the draw pin which is wood and is used to make the joint, not some tool used for the effect. You lost me when you speak about the "pin" and the "draw pin" as different items.

PS: When doing breadboard ends, I use three pins. The center pin being straight and glued, but the outside pins being draw-bored to keep the end piece tight at the joint line yet allowing the panel to move in and out seasonally.

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