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How is a draw pin(oblique pin) actually used

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Situation- frame for a panel door. Two pins per M&T joint. We don't have the holes bored yet. What are the steps for locating and making holes, then drawing and pinning.

When my chair friend pins a joint he pulls it up with a clamp, locates the hole on the tenon from the already made hole in the mortise, takes joint apart, drills off-set hole in tenon, reinstalls the tenon and pins it.

Using the draw pin requires the properly off-set holes in the mortise and tenon to be there, and, one can't pin the hole with the draw pin in it. I can't get past the chicken and egg situation. To test or pull up the joint we need the properly off-set holes. To locate the tenon holes we need the joint pulled up. To pin we need the draw pin removed. I'm missing something. It looks to be satisfying to use, but how?

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